Masahiro Sakurai

Masahiro Sakurai Discusses Health Issues In Latest Video!

There are multiple things that fans enjoy about Masahiro Sakurai. They love his passion for the video game industry, they love his desire to make games better with each one he works on, and more. But if there is one thing that fans worry about…it’s his health. The man is somewhat infamous for his dedication to his work at the cost of his health, and he admitted that in the latest episode of his “Creating Games” Series on YouTube.

In the newest episode, he talked about how his eyes aren’t the best after working on games for so long. He even cited going to the eye doctor after playing Kid Icarus Uprising, and ever since then, he doesn’t play mobile games, or even games in the Nintendo Switch’s handheld mode!

Don’t worry about Masahiro Sakurai just yet, he’s found ways around these issues, and he even knows how to get to sleep really fast. So we think he’ll be fine.