Masahiro Sakurai Reveals How He Managed Smash Bros Team During Pandemic

Masahiro Sakurai has been doing wonderful things via his YouTube Channel about “Creating Games.” His latest video might be the best insight into how much he cares about those who work with him and for him. As he reveals, the global pandemic that started in 2020 hit his team as they were working on the fighter packs for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. By his own admission, the team going from working in an office to working at home was a bit of a mixed bag. He gave the team a survey of what was wrong with working at home, and several outstanding points got his attention.

The biggest one was that many of these developers didn’t have the right furniture or setups to do work from home without great pain or effort. So what did Sakurai do? He used his Sora company to pay for EVERYTHING they needed…and didn’t ask for anything back! Yep, he fronted the entire bill for EVERYONE who worked on the title! That’s not just looking out for your time, that’s being a great guy.

Here about how Masahiro Sakurai did all this via the video below!