Four player co-op beat ’em up Ra Ra Boom has been announced for PC

When it comes to beat ’em ups and brawlers, I’m more than happy to play them, as they’re one of my favorite genres of games. But when you combine that with an evil AI that plans to take over the world, and our only hope comes in the form of four ninja cheerleaders from outer space, well, it’s a bit different than what I’m used to. Ra Ra Boom, an upcoming four-player beat ’em up from Gylee Games, was recently revealed, and it’s as wacky and yet serious as you think it would be.

Ra Ra Boom features a cast of four playable bad-ass cheerleaders, Aris, Saida, Ren, and Vee, that are the world’s only chance of salvation. And they’re going to need it as Ra Ra Boom incorporates lots of enemies that are determined to stop them, including massive boss battles. Each character will also sport upgradeable combos for melee and ranged attacks featuring light, heavy and special attacks to keep each fight fresh and fierce.

More interestingly, Ra Ra Boom takes cues from a game of the past (and a favorite of mine), Guardian Heroes, and utilizes lanes, which players and enemies alike can jump between while engaging in combat. While you can still move freely in any direction, jumping between the lanes is helpful when you want to target a specific enemy or if you’re trying to get out of harm’s way. The game also oozes with hand-drawn art, and I’m a sucker for that sort of art style. I can’t wait to see more of the game, and I’m hoping that Gylee Games knocks this out of the park.

Ra Ra Boom is currently available on Steam to wishlist and will be released this Fall 2023.