The Flash Trailer Shows Off “Broken Universe” and Epic Arrivals

The Flash movie has been one of the most delayed and troubled films in history. Between the director issues, writer issues, WB/WBD issues, and the issues with Ezra Miller, many wondered if the film should even come out! But those who have seen it, including the head of the DCU, James Gunn, say it’s one of the “best superhero movies ever.” So, yeah, it’s coming out. Tonight during the Super Bowl, The Flash Trailer debuted, and it showed fans quite a bit.

We see the “new universe” that Barry made after he time-traveled and saved his mother and father from the tragic events of his youth. But doing so set off various events that led to metahumans not being born, Superman not being there to save the day when Zod shows up, and more! So he’ll need to get old and new allies to save the day. So check out The Flash Trailer below!