Sony CES 2023 PSVR2

Sony PSVR2 Announcements at CES 2023

During the CES 2023 event, Sony gave us a peak at what was coming up in their hardware and tech. The one on my mind, of course, is PSVR2. Luckily, we had some information surrounding it from Jim Ryan. The big reveal is that there will be over 30 titles available for the PSVR2 on the day it gets released.

Notable ones that Jim Ryan mentioned were Horizon: Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil Village, and No Man’s Sky.

Jim Ryan set up a presentation of Gran Turismo 7 running on PSVR2 and claimed it sold more than any other game made by PlayStation Studios. It is optimistic indeed right before the release of PSVR2 with Jim Ryan also confirming that Beat Saber will be available on release as well.

If there is an upgrade path necessary was not discussed if you already owned PS4 VR titles of some of these games, such as No Man’s Sky and Beat Saber on PS4. You may need to pay the $10 upgrade path, purchase the game again, or maybe we can get lucky, and there will be free upgrades for these games.

Sony also announced Project Leonardo at CES2023!

PSVR2 will release on February 22, 2023. It will be expensive, but we’ll have some hands-on on release day. So be on the lookout for that.