CES2023: Project Leonardo – PS5’s Accessibility Controller

If you’re hoping that PlayStation had a more accessible controller, then your wait may be at an end. At CES, Sony announced Project Leonardo which aims to make gaming on the PS5 more comfortable for disabled games.

Announced by Sony at CES, Project Leonardo, the PS5's accessibility controller, can be taken apart and customized.

Sony is certainly a company that likes to push the boundaries of accessibility in gaming. God of War: Ragnarok and The Last of Us are certainly evidence of that. It’s about time they got into the controller game as well. Crediting organizations like AbleGamers, SpecialEffect, and Stack Up, Sony claims Leonardo is “a highly customizable controller kit that ‘works out of the box.” The controller is still in the concept stage but it feels like it may very well be close to nearing the final stages.

Project Leonardo promises hardware customization and button mapping. Users can also store three “control profiles” and switch between them at any time. The coolest feature is that the controller can be connected to other devices. Two Leonardo controllers and one DualSense can be paired up at the same time. This allows it to cater to specific needs as they connect into one controller.

If you’d like to learn more about the information above, please feel free to visit the controller’s announcement at PlayStation.Blog. What you read here can be expanded upon in-depth as well as some details I left out. As a lifelong gamer, I love what I see in the field of accessibility. Gaming should be for everyone, and it’s wonderful that the tech is starting welcome more of us in.

In addition to PlayStation’s Project Leonardo, the company will be releasing its elite gaming controller, the DualSense Edge. You can read about it by going here.