PSVR 2 Glamour Shot

Will the PSVR 2 Have Earbuds or Headphones?

The release date of the PSVR 2 is nearly upon us. Set to be released on February 22nd, 2023, the world is eagerly looking to get a taste of the next generation of PlayStation VR headsets. I’ve pre-ordered one for myself to review titles for the outlet. However, there’s a catch regarding the headphones that come with either bundle.

I’m sure you’ve looked at the PSVR 2 bundles and wondered just what stereo headphones come with the VR headset. Well, the bad news is that it doesn’t come with headphones; that’s not speculation on my part. It says it comes with them on the official website and is on the box. So, why doesn’t PlayStation just come out and tell us, so we don’t waste our money running out and getting another headset — if you don’t already own a pair.

If you’ve watched any number of PSVR 2 previews and impressions from CES 2023 on YouTube, you may have noticed that the reviewers had stated they couldn’t try the earbuds for sanity reasons. In the first preview I watched, I thought the person was mistaken. However, since then, I’ve watched several more, and they’ve all said the same thing.

Below are several videos that clearly state that the PSVR 2 will definitely include a pair of earbuds.

This video at the 8:07 mark goes into detail on how the earbuds connect with the PSVR 2 and how they’re routed through the headset.

Watch this video at the 8:50 mark.

Lastly, this is what the earbuds look like if you’re interested.

PSVR 2 earbuds

I don’t know why PlayStation has listed a pair of stereo headphones included with the PSVR 2, but these are clearly not headphones. If you aren’t a fan of earbuds like me and don’t already have a pair of 3D audio-support headphones, you may want to grab a pair to take advantage of the 3D audio.

As for PlayStation, they’ll change what is included with the PSVR 2 before someone calls them out on it.

The PSVR 2 releases on February 22, 2023, and will come in a standard edition ($549.99) and a bundle that includes Horizon: Call of the Mountain ($599.99). The unit will have 30 games available at lunch, including a VR-enabled update for Gran Turismo 7.