Manga Review: How Do We Relationship? Vol. 8

How Do We RelationshipTitle: How Do We Relationship? Vol. 8
Author: Tamifull
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Digital
Pages: 196
Genre: Yuri, Romance, Comedy
Publication Date: January 24, 2023

The Story

Volume eight of How Do We Relationship gives us a huge piece of development as Miwa and Tamaki start dating! Even though this entire manga is probably going to end up with Miwa and Saeko getting back together, for me, this is the best shipping of the series so far! I just think Miwa and Tamaki work so well together but just like any new relationship, there are a few bumps in the road and those are highlighted here in the eighth volume.

Once they get together, they set up their first date but it all revolves around training camp for the band. Once training camp is over, Tamaki is wondering about how to work up the courage to tell all of her friends about her new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Saeko and Yuria are still trying to figure out their own relationship and there are some moments that just seem really awkward. Despite that, things seem… fine? I guess? Between them but that just leads to even more awkwardness.

The volume ends with Tamaki ends up going to Miwa’s place. Let’s just say that she’s in the mood!


The majority of the volume focused on Miwa and Tamaki’s new relationship. Things looked a bit bleak at first when Tamaki lied and said that she was interested in a guy. She said this while Miwa was asleep. Then, she tried patting Miwa’s head and rubbing her ear. She soon learned that either Miwa was in a light sleep or, most likely, faking being asleep. From there, they began to flirt with one another more and more until they decided to confess their feelings to one another. Usually, one person is asking out the other but in this case, they kind of both asked each other out. It was a bit unconventional but cute and unique at the same time.

When it came time for Tamaki to study for her entrance exams, Miwa realized that it was a bother. With them dating, Tamaki was making a knee-jerk reaction to not taking the exam so she could be with Miwa. Miwa brought her back to Earth by basically telling her not to let their relationship dictate her future. Despite being right, this put up a lot of red flags… especially when we get to Saeko’s development in a moment.

Toward the end of the volume, Tamaki didn’t look too happy about something. It was immediately followed by her wanting to spend a night with Miwa. Something tells me that she passed her exams and now has to make a decision. This also stemmed from the conversation she had with her friends where one of them couldn’t accept the fact that she was in a lesbian relationship. Hopefully, this doesn’t end up being the end of their relationship… especially since they seem perfect for one another.

The other part that makes me think this will be short-lived was Saeko’s reaction to Tamaki teasing Miwa while she was asleep. The manga revisits that scene later on and reveal’s Saeko’s inner thoughts. It’s becoming more and more obvious that Saeko realized that she had made a mistake by dumping Miwa. The fact that she’s still second-guessing her relationship with Yuria and how things just aren’t naturally clicking between them tells me that this is a slight seed being planted to set up the ending to the series.

Final Thoughts

I want to be happy and excited over this series because the best pairing got together but a series like this makes it painfully obvious that the ending is going to be Miwa and Saeko getting back together. I think I’ve said this a few times in my final thoughts and I wish it wasn’t so but with the way things are being set up in this volume, that seems more and more like the direction this series is going to take.

It’s pretty obvious that Tamaki passed her exams and will have to move away. The long-distance relationship is going to put a strain on them until they finally break it off. Seeing it not work out will cause Saeko to feel for Miwa. It might make her reflect on what she’s going with Yuria and how much she actually misses Miwa. That will lead to Yuria and Saeko breaking it off, setting up Saeko and Miwa getting back together.

At that time, Saeko will begin to change as a person and I can pretty much see the series ending with Saeko finally letting Miwa do things to her that she had issues with before. Despite it being a bit predictable, deep down I just wish Saeko can find that development with Yuria and that Miwa and Tamaki can stay together. But, that’s just my personal wish.

All-in-all, this was a fantastic volume. Let’s enjoy this arc while it lasts!

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