Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage Gets “Beginners” Video

Fire Emblem Engage is the first major 1st-party Nintendo Switch game in 2023. The reviews that have come out so far praise the game for its tactical gameplay, stylish visuals, and more. But if you haven’t engaged (see what we did there?) with the series in the past, you might need a little help getting into things. If so, don’t worry. Nintendo is here to help! Because they have dropped a special “Fire Emblem For All” video that basically acts as a “beginners guide” to the series.

In it, you’ll learn about how you can handle your party, how you battle, how you level up and change classes, and more. You’ll also get glimpses of support conversations and other ways you can grow through the game. So check out the video below if you need a glimpse into what the game will be like!