Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage Shows Off Home Base In 7-Minute Preview

In recent games in the Fire Emblem series, part of the fun is relaxing between missions at your home base. In the upcoming Fire Emblem Engage, that base is called Somniel, and it’s where you’ll rest, connect with allies, and prepare for what’s next. A 7-minute preview of the home base was released in English today, and it details quite a bit that you can do. For example, you can do the basic things like buy items for your party to be ready for the next battle, or talk with others to build up your relationships with them.

But you’ll also be able to take care of the Emblem Rings that you collect throughout the game, buy items at a boutique to “stylize” your party, take care of farm animals, do exercises to gain stat boosts, and more! There are also special areas where you can do mock battles to gain experience for your characters. You’ll have a lot to do here when Fire Emblem Engage arrives on January 20th.