Torment: Descension Graphic Novel Makes it Debut

The debut graphic novel by Daniel Foster, Torment: Descension, puts a supernatural spin on the classic tale of good versus evil.

Torment: Descension

How far would someone go to save the ones they love?

In Torment: Descension by Start2Finish Comics creator, author, and illustrator Daniel Foster, readers are drawn into an engaging story that looks at just how far one man will go. It’s a story of good versus evil paired with creative and detailed illustrations in one debut graphic novel. The book tells the tale of David Mills, a new father forced to make a dark and impossible choice in order to save his family.

“I want readers to explore the not-so-simple concept of how an unethical act can be rationalized as morally acceptable,” said Foster. “Everyone has a moral compass that guides them, but what happens when people are faced with decisions that are not so black and white?”

“Torment: Descension” is the origin story of the Torment Trilogy, where readers will join David on his supernatural journey as he struggles with his own morality, making harrowing decisions to keep his family safe.

“I think someone caught up in this kind of moral dilemma can make for a good story,” Foster said.

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Source: Press Release