Manga Review: How Do We Relationship? Vol. 7

How Do We Relationship?Title: How Do We Relationship? Vol. 7
Author: Tamifull
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Digital
Pages: 196
Genre: Yuri, Romance, Comedy
Publication Date: October 25, 2022

The Story

Volume seven of How Do We Relationship? continues with a transition for Miwa. A lot of focus was put on her as well as our new character Tamaki. In addition, we get to see some of the progress and setbacks in Saeko’s relationship with Yuria.

When it comes to Miwa and Tamaki, the two of them are continuing to grow closer together as friends. However, despite this, Miwa decides to take matters into her own hands by hooking up with someone through a dating app. Saeko secretly tags along with Mikkun to watch from afar. They were there as an insurance policy for Miwa just in case something went wrong. The date went well but Miwa ends up getting ghosted. This allows her to get closer to Tamaki and she even tells her some personal things that she never told Saeko when they were dating.

Then, the true test comes when Miwa accidentally let it slip that her date was with a woman. It didn’t seem to bother Tamaki at all but then things got a little awkward and it caused Tamaki to distance herself a little bit.

The volume also focuses on Saeko and Yuria as a couple and things are seemingly going pretty normal for them, too. Along the way, there ends up being some reservations about one another… especially when Yuria wants to have sex with Saeko and states that she wants to do things to her. We all know that Saeko has an issue with being touched; however, Saeko discovers that Yuria is the same exact way! This ends up putting a bit of a clamp on their feelings but things eventually start to rekindle. This brings us to the end of the 7th volume. Not much of a cliffhanger but this series hasn’t really been known for those kinds of endings.


The story aspect was pretty straightforward. Just development and progression on both Saeko and Miwa’s ends. The character aspect of it, though… that was the meat and potatoes of this volume.

While Saeko and Yuria received some spotlight, everyone would tell you that this book was all about Miwa and Tamaki. Tamaki is just incredibly adorable to where you actually want Miwa to fall for her. Obviously, this series is about our two titular characters, Miwa and Saeko, and I think it’s a foregone conclusion that they will end up with each other in the end. Because as such… any type of secondary pairing with a main character and a supporting character feels like a waste of time because we, as the readers, know that it’s not going to last. It makes it very hard to get behind and support these types of relationships because it’s only a matter of time before it doesn’t work out.

Having said that… I want this series to throw all of that out the window and pair up Miwa and Tamaki. Want them to be the end game. Forget about the aspect of Saeko spending time apart to make them realize just how much they truly loved one another. Nix those plans and just put Miwa and Tamaki together! They are just that perfect for one another!

And it’s all Tamaki’s fault for just being too damn adorable! Despite whether she knew about Miwa’s preferences or not, she was becoming more and more clingy to her. I think Tamaki was just happy that she found a good friend. After she learns the truth, she seems a bit put off by the whole girl-on-girl thing but she’s actually willing to make an exception if it’s Miwa. That speaks VOLUMES about how much Tamaki has come to like her. Their personalities are very similar even if their quirks and nuances differ. Plus, Miwa already confided personal things in Tamaki that she couldn’t with Saeko. They are literally made for one another and this is one of those times when you have to abandon the foregone conclusion and just ship them!

I’m hoping against fate but one can dream, right?

On the Saeko x Yuria side of things, I hate to say it but it feels like Saeko x Miwa all over again with just a different girl in Miwa’s place and that’s all on Saeko. Even when she swore that she was going to be more open with Yuria, Saeko still can’t bring herself to do it. Plus, she’s haven’t muted second guesses about ditching Miwa. The fact that she overheard some things Miwa said when she was talking to Tsuruta only complicated things further. That was just another small seed being planted for the eventual end goal that I don’t want to happen.

Lastly… congrats to Tsuruta and Runa! Happy for the little bugger!

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to unpack here in this volume. Secondary relationships NEVER work out in series like this but I really, really, really hope it does this time around. Break the expectation and go with something out of left field. Yuria and Saeko having the same issue when it comes to having sex would normally be the catalyst that ends the relationship. This would, in turn, set the stage for Tamaki and Miwa to end anything before it gets started. Tamaki already said that she’s not into girls but Miwa is the exception… as long as it’s her. That there could be the reason it just never works and it will all be on Miwa’s side. Either that or they try it and Tamaki doesn’t like it and that’s the cause.

Either way, both of their relationships failing would mean that we would get the makeup arc with Saeko and Miwa and they live happily ever after but… what if?

What if it works out with Miwa and Tamaki? What if they are able to talk openly about themselves and have a healthy and long-term relationship? What if the shared problems with Saeko and Yuria work to their benefit and they end up overcoming their issues together and that, in turn, strengthens their bonds as a couple?

I’m not sure if I’ve seen a series where the two main characters never end up back together (outside of ERASED but that’s a completely different scenario that I still haven’t forgiven Kei Sanbe for!). Just the way the characters are laid out in this series, I’m actually rooting for that to happen.

It won’t, though but one can hope. Right? Still, that hope makes me want Volume 8 more than ever because I need to see how these relationships progress!

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