Street Fighter 6 Kimberly and Juri Move Showcase

Following the announcement of Kimberly and Juri joining the Street Fighter 6 roster, a move showcase trailer for each character has been released. These extend on what we’ve seen in the Juri and Kimberly reveal trailer and give us a good indication of how each character plays.

With Juri, a returning character, we can see that she hasn’t changed that much, and many of her moves from the past games are back. However, they do exhibit different properties now. She also comes with several new moves, Saihasho, Ankensatsu, and Go Ohsatsu.

Kimberly, a newcomer to the series, looks exciting. A perky character that has a number of fast and physical moves. She reminds me a lot of Guy, if we’re being honest. Kimberly incorporates an urban twist to reimagine the Bushinryu (Guy, Zeku) style we’re familiar with. She uses Genius at Play to stock up on a spray can, which can then be thrown to the ground as a Shuriken Bomb. During Hidden Variable, Kimberly conceals herself in colorful smoke before instantly appearing in front of an opponent for a surprise attack. Finally, she has the trademark ninja Sprint, which can be followed up with kick options or Arc Step, where Kimberly launches herself off from the opponent.

Both characters look fantastic and are welcomed additions to Street Fighter 6. I tried to main Juri back in Street Fighter 5, but I couldn’t get her down. Maybe I’ll try again in Street Fighter 6. Speaking of Street Fighter 6, there’s currently no release date for the game, but Capcom has confirmed the game will be released in 2023. I hope I get a chance to get my hands on the beta before that happens.

Street Fighter 6 releases on June 6, 2023, and will be available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC (Steam). The Capcom fighter will incorporate cross-play, so all platforms can play against each other, unlike the previous release of Street Fighter 5, which was a Playstation and PC-only affair.