Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Sora, Masahiro Sakurai

Tetsuya Nomura Talks Being “Picky” About Sora In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

When Sora FINALLY came to the Smash Bros series via Super Smash Bros Ultimate, fans were over the moon in every way possible. And since his arrival, we’ve heard all sorts of stories from both Masahiro Sakurai and Tetsuya Nomura about how this all came to be. And in a chat with Game Informer, Nomura noted how “picky” he was about Sora’s look in the game:

“Obviously, I was very happy that we were able to have Sora make an appearance in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Most of the feedback when Sora was [announced] for Smash Bros. Ultimate was, ‘I can’t believe Disney okayed for him to be in this game.’ Behind the scenes, I was actually the one being very picky about his appearance in Smash Bros. Disney was the one that was like, ‘Go ahead! This is a great opportunity.’ I thought it would be tough to pull off because it might clash with the established lore in Kingdom Hearts and the Disney worlds, so it was an opportunity I had to consider very carefully. After seeing how happy everybody was in welcoming Sora to Smash Bros., I feel like the end result was really great.”

The end result was indeed great, and an all-time classic “reveal trailer” was born as a result.