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Sakurai Made Sora’s Smash Bros Ultimate Trailer Idea In 90 Minutes

It’s been a bit since Sora was announced for Super Smash Bros Ultimate and then brought into the game via the final DLC download for the beloved title. But even now, some people can’t believe that he’s finally in the game after many years of desiring him in the title. It’s truly a beautiful thing, but what might surprise you is just how deep that beauty goes.

Because as noted by Masahiro Sakurai before, Sora has been asked for since the 4th Smash Bros title, and so when it came time to write out his reveal trailer…it didn’t take that long as Sakurai pointed out in an interview:

“After reading through Disney’s production guidelines, I wrote the whole thing in an hour and a half.”

He went on to reveal why it was Mario who played the big role of bringing Sora to the game:

At the start, I wanted Mario to swing around his own Keyblade. While he was swinging it around, Sora would appear in the keyhole. According to Kingdom Hearts lore though, ‘only Keyblade masters can wield the Keyblade,’ so while others might be able to use it temporarily, Keyblades always return to their master. That’s why we changed it into what the trailer is now.

The trailer is truly iconic, you can watch it below, and get Sora and the rest of the DLC characters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate via the Fighter Packs now!