MapleStory Details Two-Part Summer Update

Nexon has announced its two-part summer update for MapleStory! The first part is called Destiny: Remastered and it will drop on June 15! The update contains tons of special events, a revamp of all of Explorer jobs, plus a gift package for pre-registering. Pre-registration ends on June 13 so don’t delay!!

Nexon has detailed what you will find in part one of the update!


Summer just wouldn’t be summer in MapleStory without some special, in-game events! It’s time for the season of music and majesty, as new friend Stella comes to experience Maple World first hand. There are a wealth of rewards to collect during the musical summer nights of Starlight Symphony, plus the return of Tera Burning Plus and Burning World. On top of all that, pre-register a character (must be level 61 or above) before 11 am PDT on June 13 to get a special Destiny gift package featuring Lil Symphony pets, Angelic Alphabet Damage Skin, a heap of Melody Coins to get a head start in Starlight Symphony, and a Magician of the Sacred Forest outfit!


The Explorer class of characters in MapleStory has been the backbone of the game for the last seventeen years. These 14 unique Explorer jobs are receiving a complete overhaul of animations, improved skills, new story segments, and more.

The Explorer revamp benefits the following characters:

  • Warrior: Hero, Paladin, Dark Knight
  • Magician: Arch Mage (Fire/Poison), Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning), Bishop
  • Bowman: Bowmaster, Marksman
  • Thief: Night Lord, Shadower, Dual Blade
  • Pirate: Corsair, Buccaneer, Cannoneer


Incorporated into the “Destiny: Remastered” update are additional improvements, new boss accessories, and boss difficulties so everyone can enjoy a better Maple experience:

  • No more Mastery Books! – Mastery Books are no longer needed to upgrade 4th Job skills.
  • Dawn Boss Accessories set – Claim a new set of accessories from bosses to forge a powerful new set.
  • New Boss Difficulties – Take on Chosen Seren and Verus Hilla on normal mode and overcome Will on easy difficulty.


Members of MapleStory’s content creator program, Bean Brigade, will be jumping into the test servers early beginning today to give Maplers a sneak peek of all the exciting changes and updates coming to “Destiny: Remastered.” Follow along on Bean Brigade’s dedicated Twitch page from June 7 through 10.


Last but not least, Summer Update Part Two, “Destiny: Homecoming,” arrives on July 20 with an all-new homestead feature allowing Maplers to purchase and decorate their very own home! Show off your exquisite taste and home decorating style, and be the envy of every other homeowner in Maple World. Also in Part Two, the Watcher Kalos awaits on top of Karote, the Unending Tower. Win in the battle against this formidable boss to obtain a new Eternal Equipment Set!

Grab your sunscreen and check out everything there is to do in MapleStory this summer!

Source: Press Release