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Electronic Arts Slams Singleplayer Gamers In Controversial Tweet

If you were to poll the game industry and gamers as a whole and ask who are some of the worst developers/publishers, you likely would hear a couple of names over and over again. Activision-Blizzard have been blasted in media as of late for their terrible practices and leadership, but in terms of “long-term crapiness”…you have to give it to Electronic Arts. Because they seem to always find ways to put their foot in their mouths.

For example, on Twitter there is a meme trend going on called, “They’re a 10 but…”. Talking about how even the most perfect of people (See: Beyonce) have flaws that can’t be overlooked at times. So, would you like to guess what EA said to ‘continue the trend’?

Yep, they said that, and can you guess what the reactions for that tweet were? Complete annihilation of the tweet by gamers who have put up with Electronic Arts for far too long. For example, EA was the ones who botched the launch of Battlefront 2 (the second one) so badly that it got the US government looking into loot boxes as a scam due to the “Pay-To-Win” system in…wait for it…multiplayer.

Oh, and don’t forget about Anthem, a multiplayer game that was supposed to “revolutionize” everything and…it didn’t at all. Furthermore, as fans pointed out, one of their biggest successes in recent years that no one could deny was Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order…which was a singleplayer game…and had a sequel announced recently! Just as cool, one of the people working on Jedi Survivor blasted the tweet!

Now sure, you could argue that the person who made this tweet doesn’t “Speak for EA”, but we also can’t say right now that they DON’T speak for EA. Keep digging that grave Electronic Arts! It’ll catch up to you soon enough…