Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Goes Free-to-Play on June 21!

In today’s BIG announcement for Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, we had a lot of news. Including the major news that they will be going free-to-play on all major systems with cross-play and cross-system progression! This will be coming live on June 21!

In the full 30 min presentation, we got a trailer that lays down the upcoming updates for the game and the big news of the game going Free-to-play. We also got reconfirmation that it will be coming to the other major systems of Nintendo Switch and the Xbox systems. So now the Playstion, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series Systems, and PC via Epic Games will now be able to play together no matter the system.

Also noted is for those who have been playing since the release of the game, you will be able to bring your progress via cross-progression to whatever system you play on provided you connect it with an Epic Games account. Also, veterans will also be given a free legacy pack for their loyalty. This includes 3 costumes, a title plate, and a season pass for the upcoming season. This will be the first season there will be a season pass for the game in which Mediatonic will utilize a new currency called Show-Bucks. This is a 100-level unlock path, besides the usual base 50 levels. There will be even more exclusive costumes to unlock and rewards, like the kendo and sumo suits.

While this is technically season 7, the reason why it is titled season 1 again is to celebrate the union of all players. Plus if it is the player’s first time playing, they will not be missing their first season and the prior season before. Also announced in the presentation is that there will be currency conversions in the future. So if you are crown heavy, you can convert them to kudos and vice-versa. Course it would not be special without special collaboration costumes. They revealed that Ezio Auditore of Assassins Creed and Mecha Godzilla will be coming with more special collaborations coming.

There is also a pre-registration campaign for the coming season. If players register before the season begins on the Epic Game site, all players will be rewarded with special rewards. This includes a title plate, kudos, and special costumes like the Melon-head costume. So rally everyone you know and get them to register to unlock these rewards.

Other information they told was for PS5 and Xbox Series players, they are creating the game to utilize the hardware to the fullest. With PS5 to be at 4K resolution with 60 fps. They also detailed the performance specs for the other systems as well.

Lastly, we also get a sneak peek of what is coming in the new season. We that it will be stadium based, with sports theme minigames like a race track with speed loops and a dart game in which you eliminate players by throwing bombs.  The season cannot get here any sooner.

Overall, this was a lot of news for fans of Fall Guys as well for newcomers. If you haven’t joined the Blunder dome already, you have no excuses now. With it coming to all platforms and free-to-play, with cross-play and cross-progression, you just have to experience the fun and wackiness of these jumping beans. Ready yourselves on June 21st, cause it will be a flood of new players coming to experience this zany gameshow.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is currently available on PC via Epic Games and PS4. Note that it will be delisted on the Steam storefront. Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions will be available on June 21. Again, will be free-to-play with microtransactions.