Pokemon Legends Arceus Sales

Pokemon Legends Arceus Has Huge Second Month In Japan

Pokemon Legends Arceus is still very much on the minds of many gamers even though it’s been almost two months since it released. Part of that is not just the Daybreak update that came a while ago, but the fact that the game is so rich in content that there’s no lack of things to do. As a result, gamers are spreading the word and more are buying into it.

For proof of this, you need only look at Japan. In February, a new report shows that it sold (just in Japan) 650,000 units. This is important because there were big game releases in February, not the least of which was Elden Ring. But between the Xbox and PS5 version of the game, it didn’t even crack 300,000 in Japan. And thanks in huge part to Arceus, 72% of all software sales were Switch titles.

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