Mina the Hollower

New Stretch Goals Added To Mina the Hollower Kickstarter Campaign

It was only a few days ago that Yacht Club Games took to G4TV and announced its upcoming title, Mina the Hollower. Since then, the Kickstarter campaign has been on fire, and while the team was showing off the game on G4TV, they were surprised that the project had surpassed $100,000 in a matter of minutes.

Mina the Hollower is a homage to 8-bit gaming, with Castlevania, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, or Bloodborne influences for those who haven’t been paying attention.  Being a fan of all of the above, I’ve been hyped about this game since I’d laid eyes on it. While Yacht Club Games took to Kickstarter to fund the game, the initial asking amount of $311,503 was reached in a matter of hours. Not only that but the first two stretch goals were hit. Now, Yacht Club Games has announced two new stretch goals; New Game + at $700,000 and Mac and Linux Ports at $800,000. 

These two stretch goals are in addition to the prior goals that included a sound test ($511,503) and cheat codes ($661,503).

New Game + Mode Tier

While this new stretch goal has been added, the team hasn’t decided what will be included in this mode. This wouldn’t be the first time their titles have included a New Game + mode. Each of the Shovel Knight games included this, each with its unique spin on the mode. For Mina, they are still brainstorming and mentioned they’d love to hear what you, the fans, think.

Mac and Linux Ports Tier

While not originally part of the Mina the Hollower offering, Mac and Linux ports of the title have been added as an extra stretch goal. As you’d imagine, this would require more effort from the team to make this a reality, which means more money to make this a reality. If this goal is hit, this will add more gaming options to the Mac and Linux operating systems, which aren’t usually platforms that game developers target. At least, not at first.

Mina the Hollower had reached $666,461, with 25 days left on it as of today. There’s little doubt that the Kickstart campaign will blow past both new stretch goals. And once that happens, that’s not the end, as Yacht Club Games still has several other goals that haven’t been detailed but are on the board. I wonder what else they can be thinking about adding once these recently added stretch goals are surpassed.


Mina the Hollower is still in development and should see a release date sometime in 2023. While Yacht Club Games has yet to announce which platforms the game will be released on, it’s safe to assume we’ll see it on the current generation of consoles and the PC. Of course, there are the Mac and Linux platforms when the new stretch goals are smashed.

As for me, I, too, have backed the game. I just had to get that Mina plush to add to my collection. Having my name added to the game doesn’t hurt either. If you haven’t pledged yet but want to, head on over to the Kickstarter campaign