King of Fighters XV

Here’s All The King of Fighters XV Reactions We’ve Found So Far

King of Fighters XV, much like the prior games in the series, feature what are called reactions or pre-bout cutscenes. Here, two characters will converse regarding a number of things. Sometimes they’re friendly, sometimes they’re not so friendly. Either way, it’s a nice break between the fighting where newcomers and veterans of the series can find out more information on the characters. 

There are a number of them within the story mode of King of Fighters XV, however, trying to get to them is a process. You have to know which two characters have a relationship, either good or bad, with each other. And as we found out, characters that featured a reaction scene in King of Fighters XIV, don’t have them in the follow-up.

We’ve been experimenting with King of Fighters XV and there are all of the reactions we’ve found so far. Enjoy!

There’s more to find and we’re still trying to do our best to find them. However, the matches are random and so far we keep running into the fights we don’t want. As we find them all, we’ll be sure to update the list.

King of Fighters XV releases on February 17, 2022 for the PS4, PS5, and PC.