ABLAZE Spotlights THE BREAKER Manhwa

Comic and graphic novel publisher ABLAZE delivers non-stop action, manhwa style, with the release of THE BREAKER Omnibus Vol. 2. The latest edition of the critically acclaimed martial arts drama by writer Jeon Geuk-jin and artist Park Jin-hwan is available now in digital and print editions.

Readers are invited to order their copy directly from Barnes & Noble at: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-breaker-omnibus-vol-2-jeon-geuk-jin/1139760822


THE BREAKER is distributed in North America by Diamond Book Distributors.

The series has captivated readers and critics across North America with the story of a bullied high school student who becomes disciple to Chunwoo Han, a skilled and deadly martial artist who is a sworn enemy to the secret martial arts society known as the Murim. THE BREAKER Vol. 1, published by ABLAZE, sold out its initial print run and is now into a Second Edition.

THE BREAKER Omnibus Vol. 2 ∙ MSRP: $19.99 ∙ Available Now!
In the latest edition of THE BREAKER, Chun-woo has gone missing following his intense and deadly fight with the dreaded Gijoo. Meanwhile, Si-woon has been confronted with his inner demons ever since Si-Ho Lee administered a remedy that generates so much Qi that the high school student may well explode from within! Future invincible warrior…or time bomb?

To make matters worse, Si-woon finds himself even more entwined with the mysterious clans as he is put right in the middle of a conflict that not only endangers his own life, but that of a girl with a secret of her own. It’s a good thing Si-woon has Chun-woo to guide him. On second thought…maybe not.

Praised not only for its detailed artwork depicting amazing martial arts action, but also gripping story, THE BREAKER Omnibus Vol. 2 is 364 pages of intense, thrilling story and art, and includes chapters 16-29 of this critically acclaimed manhwa.

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