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Capcom Promises More Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak News Soon

Capcom is keenly aware that fans of Monster Hunter Rise are eagerly awaiting more info on its upcoming expansion, Sunbreak. For a good reason, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will introduce a new storyline, new monsters, new locations, quests, and more. A massive update to the original game, similar to what Monster Hunter World Iceborne did for the original game.

And while Capcom isn’t ready to tell us about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak quite yet. The company has posted a small these on when it will release more information. We’ll be waiting a few months, as we won’t get a peep about the expansion until Spring 2022. While the release date is still somewhere in Summer 2022.

Capcom had originally announced Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak for both the Nintendo Switch and the upcoming PC version in September 2021. This took place during the Monster Hunter Showcase, hosted during the 2021 Tokyo Game Show.

Since then, we’ve received more information on the expansion. For starters, we now know the names of the new monsters that will be added; Malzeno, Lunagaron, which are new to the series, and the Shogun Cenataur, which debuted in Monster Hunter 2. The Malzeno also happens to be the Dragon-like creature shown during the first Monster Hunter Rise: Break Trailer.

The last official look was the new trailer released during The Game Awards 2021. We got a look at some story bits of the expansion, and a look at Rodine, a merchant from Monster Hunter Rise. Who can be seen fighting the Lunagaron, and traveling to a port city called Elgado. From that, we can assume that players will accompany Rodine to this port city, which will ultimately be the new hub location for Monster Hunter Rise: Break.

That’s all for now, and we’ll be waiting for more news on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak this upcoming Spring 2022. Until then, we still have Monster Hunter Rise PC to look forward to in January 2022. Just keep in mind that Monster Hunter Rise PC, sadly won’t support cross-saves or cross-progression from the Nintendo Switch version.