Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2019

Nintendo Switch Nears 93 Million Sold In New Financial Results

It’s that time again, time to get the latest fiscal numbers for Nintendo and the Nintendo Switch lineup! And not surprisingly, the Switch is doing very well. By the end of September this year, they sold 92.87 million units! Which, when you include the October numbers that aren’t known yet, basically guarantees they’re over 93 million units sold.

These are good numbers, but they also make one wonder what will happen long-term, as Nintendo recently admitted that they’re going to be decreasing their expectations for the year in regards to Nintendo Switch sales.

In terms of games, they did point out a few things. Including how Skyward Sword HD has reached 3.6 million units sold, and that Mario Gold Super Rush is nearing 2 million sold. An omission though is that of WarioWare Get It Together, which launched in September and yet apparently didn’t make the million-sellers. Marking the first time a 1st party release hasn’t done that on Switch in quite some time. Though obviously that could change with new reports.