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Nintendo Switch Production To Go Down By 20% Due To Chip Shortage

As you might have heard, there’s a global chip shortage going on. The availability of semiconductors and other electronic parts continues to be limited for major companies and thus they’re having to adjust what they can do and sell. You might feel that the gaming industry would be immune to this, but in just this week alone, both Sony and Nintendo have admitted that they had to scale back production of their major consoles. And now we have confirmation on the Nintendo Switch side of things.

This comes according to Nikkei, they state in a report that the Nintendo Switch will see a 20% decrease in production from their original plans for the year due to the shortage. They were originally hoping to make 30 million units in the current fiscal year, but now are aiming for 24 million.

Nintendo said in a brief statement: “We are assessing their impact on our production.”

To be clear, the Switch will sell through whatever stock is made, but with the holidays coming up, Nintendo likely would’ve wanted to go as big in sales as possible…but won’t be able to as much now.