Nintendo 64 controller - Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo N64 controller sold out until 2022

Releasing alongside the Nintendo Switch Online subscription expansion pack were new controllers that would work with the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo 64 controllers and Sega Genesis controllers are both to be utilized in the new feature of the expansion pack, which could be played on the Nintendo Switch Online service. However, if you were to go to the Nintendo 64 controller page on the Nintendo of USA region or Canada, you get a notice saying  “More controllers will be available in 2022″.

According to Nintendo, the Nintendo 64 controllers have sold out and won’t be available until 2022.



This isn’t the first sad news from Nintendo. Recently they have announced that there would be less Nintendo Switches being made next year due to the chip shortage. If you were hoping to get an N64 controller compatible to use with the Nintendo Switch, you will have to be looking for third-party ones this year. That or resort to purchasing an overpriced one on eBay –not that we recommend doing this.

This comes as unfortunate news as well since the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion pack had various issues with button mapping on Nintendo 64 titles so trying to use Joycons is a literal chore.