Xbox 20th anniversary controller is a throw back

Earlier today, Xbox revealed a new controller celebrating the 20th anniversary of Xbox, which will be available to pick up in Stores later in November 2021. This controller features a translucent face so that you can see the internal components — including the Xbox signature bright green. While the rear features the same bright green on the grips, along with a solid black backing. There’s even a tiny logo sitting under the “A” to signify the 20th anniversary. C’mon, you know you love it.

Best Buy Canada initially leaked this controller and likely pushed Microsoft to reveal this controller sooner than expected.  Since then, the controller has been available for preorder, priced at $69.99, on the Microsoft website, Best Buy, and a few other places. The 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox Controller will be made available for anyone who didn’t manage to snag a preorder on November 15th, 2021.

Image: Xbox

It was also mentioned that you’ll unlock the 20th anniversary Xbox Series X dynamic background once you connect the controller to the console. This also extends to other Xbox consoles once you connect it to them as well.

Alongside the announcement of the 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox Controller is 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox Stereo Headset. This is a cheaper version of the wireless headset that Xbox released earlier this year, except this has translucent knobs on the left/right on the headset. It features everything that the wireless headset features, minus the cord. This 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox Stereo Headset is priced at $69.99 and will be available on November 15th, 2021.

Image: Xbox
Image: Xbox

I already have the controller on preorder; I’m not a fool. I love the way it looks and I know damned well that this controller is going to be sold out. Leaving the only way to acquire it on eBay; no thanks!

What about you? Are you picking up the controller? The headset? Or perhaps both? Sound off in the comments!