Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy Trailer Aims To “Challenge Your Convictions”

Square Enix has been one of the 3rd-party publishers who have been not just good to the Nintendo Switch since its launch, but they have brought exclusive and very compelling titles to it exclusively over the years. Some of the best being Bravely Default II and Octopath Traveler. And now, the latest of that line is set to arrive early in 2022. And as the latest Triangle Strategy trailer shows, this game is going to be altered well and truly by what you choose.

The true draw of Triangle Strategy is that major choices WILL be made by the “Scales Of Conviction”, and your path will be drastically altered depending on what you choose. And as the trailer showcases, that might mean you losing key companions depending on what choices you get everyone to make in your name.

The title also follows in the path of Octopath Traveler in terms of its 2D-HD graphics that bring a fresh yet deep perspective to the world. Watch the new trailer below, and get ready to “challenge your convictions” when the game arrives exclusively on Nintendo Switch on March 4th.