Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Sora Is Here

Sora from the Kingdom Hearts franchise is joining Super Smash Bros Ultimate as the final DLC character of the game.


Sakurai also revealed different variations of Sora that will be coming to the game and take a deep breath here. You’ll be able to play as Kingdom Hearts 1 Sora, Kingdom Hearts II Sora, Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance) Sora, Kingdom Hearts III Sora, Timeless River Sora, Valor Form Sora, Wisdom Form Sora and Ultimate Form Sora.  Sakurai also showed off the entire moveset of Sora along with his utterly gorgeous and wonderful final smash. I can’t possibly overstate how happy this makes me and how much I love Super Smash Bros for doing this for us Kingdom Hearts fans.

In addition to these characters it was revealed that Doomslayer, Octoling and Judd will  be added as Mii Fighters to the game. Personally, Kingdom Hearts is my favourite video game franchise ever made, so to say I’m happy would be an understatement. I’ve always wanted Sora in Smash and I’m finally seeing my dream come true. You’ll find me on the frontlines when the character releases October 18th.