New JUJUTSU KAISEN x Crunchyroll Loves Collection Bewitching the Crunchyroll Store

For you Jujutsu Kaisen fans, Crunchyroll brings the exciting announcement that the anime series is, once again, teaming up with the Crunchyroll Loves brand to bring you some brand-new streetwear just in time for Halloween!

This second collection includes the following specially-designed items: 

  • Five long sleeves including a classic white long sleeve featuring protagonist Yuji Itadori, a black long sleeve featuring special grade sorcerer Satoru Gojo, a white long sleeve featuring the confident first year student Nobara Kugisaki, a blue long sleeve featuring Yuji Itadori in his school uniform, and a beige long sleeve featuring Megumi Fushiguro, first year student and friend of Yuji and Nobara.

  • One short sleeve t-shirt with mineral wash treatment featuring Satoru Gojo. 

  • Two crew sweatshirts featuring Yuji Itadori emblazoned with the quote “I don’t want to regret the way I’ve lived.” These weatshirts come in yellow and gray and black tie-dye. 

  • Two hoodies including a hoodie with gray and black tie-dye, six-eyes detail and a black hoodie with graphic embroidery.

  • A yellow beanie with velcro patch and embroidered details

Fans of the series have until November 15th to pre-order the collection, which is available now only through the Crunchyroll Store. 

Here are some samples of what you can grab from this collection!

To check out the collection for yourself, head on over to the official store here: JUJUTSU KAISEN is heading back to the Crunchyroll Store

Source: Press Release