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G4TV Is Back, Launching In November

It started with a tweet and a simple message, “We Never Stopped Playing.” Then it was announced that G4TV, the channel for nerds, by geeks, and all fandoms that were once deemed “uncool” and came up with iconic shows like X-Play and Attack of the Show…was coming back. They did a Thanksgiving special, they teased old friends and new hosts, but what they didn’t have…was a launch date…until now.

Yes, it’s true, we’re just a little over 1-month from the launch of G4TV once again. But how will it work this time around? The team released a statement on this:

Upon launch, G4 will debut linearly on the channel lineups of Verizon Fios, Cox, and Xfinity TV.  The network will also stream on Philo and collaborate with Twitch on a multi-year promotional and commercial partnership through G4’s official Twitch channel.  G4 will also continue to create channel-specific content across its social media platforms and YouTube.

“Since the initial announcement of G4’s revival at Comic-Con @ Home last year, we’ve been in constant dialogue with our audience through the content we’ve produced,” said Russell Arons, President, G4.  “We made a promise to fans that we would build this network with their input and are proud to say that our promise has been kept. At G4, we never stopped playing and can’t wait to have our fans join us in our hilarious and fairly preposterous sandbox on November 16.”

“G4 was a pioneer for video games on television for twelve years, long before businesses were focused on gaming. The credibility that comes with that cannot be manufactured,” said Josh Cella, Chief Revenue Officer, G4/Spectacor Gaming. “As we gear up to launch, we are excited to unlock our portfolio of talent, creative marketing platforms, interactive programming and an innovative distribution model for business partners.”

They also confirmed the return of shows like Attacks of the Show and X-Play along with new shows like Boosted, so check out the full release statement and then be sure to tune in this November for when G4TV returns!