X-Play, G4

X-Play and G4 Appear To Be Coming Back In 2021!

Once upon a time, there was a network channel called TechTV, and then it became G4. A channel for geeks and nerds to watch a bunch of things that geeks and nerds loved. They had video game battle shows, they were the first American network to play Ninja Warrior and even helped create American Ninja Warrior, and of course, they were headlined by two shows that gamers loved: Attack of the Show and X-Play.

But then, suddenly and randomly, G4 was gone, and everything that gamers and geeks loved was gone.

Until…today. When a mysterious post on X-Play’s Twitter channel popped up with a certain “transmission” to fans…

Yep, it appears that G4 and X-Play are indeed coming back in 2021. Now, details of how aren’t clear. We don’t know if it’ll be a network channel again, a Twitch thing, a Youtube channel or something in between. But the fact that it’s coming back brings joy to MANY nerds and geeks, including many here at the Outerhaven and beyond.

So let’s hope and pray for more details soon, because as G4 once said, “It’s a nerds worlds.”