Insomniac Games Wolverine reveal

Wolverine game revealed by Insomniac Games

If you had told me that we’d see a brand new game featuring Wolverine and from Insomniac Games. Well, I’d call you a liar. But that’s exactly what happened on the 2021 PlayStation Showcase. 

Starting with a cut to a bar that shows some signs of a fight, cutting over to a familiar figure who’s having a drink. We all know who that was, our favorite X-Man with the short temper, but who loves a good fight, Logan “AKA” Wolverine. I know fans of Wolverine have been asking for a new title for the longest, and it looks that Insomniac Games will give the fans what they want.

The game is in development for the PS5 and won’t be released until 2023. It’s quite a bit away, but knowing that it’s coming is more than enough.


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