Spider-Man 2 Announced During PS Showcase

Yeah, you read that headline right. Insomniac Games is making a sequel to the critically acclaimed 2018 Spider-Man game & last years Spider-Man: Miles Morales, alongside announcing that they’re working on a Wolverine game.

According to the Insomniac blogpost, the game will feature a superhero story full of heart and human elements, while adding depth to the gameplay and the creativity of the game. In addition to all of this, they’ve shown off Venom and Kraven the Hunter in the Insomniac Gameverse, and they look utterly incredible.


Yuri Lowenthal and Nadji Jeter will reprise their roles as Peter Parker and Miles Morales respectively. Sadly the game won’t be in front of us and playable until 2023, but in an exciting twist Insomniac revealed that the game will be a PS5 exclusive, thus taking full advantage of the possibility of next-gen hardware.