Oh hey. Looks like you made it through the last Deathloop guide, eliminating your targets with extreme prejudice. But now it’s time to figure out what to do with the next two targets, and it’s up to me to explain to you how to do this, so strap the hell in.

Morning: Fristad Rock (Frank Spicer)

Frank is probably one of the tougher targets to take out initially, as we’ll get into. First off, however, make your way over the waypoint. Frank’s is only open in the mornings so this is your one shot to actually kill him in person and take his slab. Kill all the eternalists that are dotted around the area and make your way to the door. You’ll find that you can’t actually enter the door until you interact with a device next to it, and this is where the hit becomes extremely interesting and extremely difficult.

This device is called a ClassPass, and it makes your slabs entirely useless. This also, if you didn’t realise, means that your Reprise ability is utterly useless now. So stay extra vigilant inside Frank’s because if you die, that’s it for the entire loop. But for now put the ClassPass on and enter Frank’s. Immediately as you enter there’s an area with a huge amount of foes and turrets, so try and hack the turrets first to make your life easier before you pick off the Eternalists. Once you’ve cleaned the room out, go and make your way towards your waypoint where Frank is hiding, making sure to deactivate any sensors and turrets along the way. Frank will be hiding in a locked room that not even your ClassPass can access, but if you finish off every single Eternalist protecting him Frank will exit his room and attempt to finish you off himself, so that’s your opportunity to pop one bullet into his head and take his slab.

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Of course, there IS another way to get Frank that I’ll go into later, but you can work out the first steps of that yourself…



Noon: Updaam (Charlie)

deathloop charlie condition detachment space invader - Deathloop Guide: Eliminating Frank & Charlie

This one is relatively simple, which you’ll find yourself thankful for after the gauntlet that was Ramblin’ Frank Spicer.

Leave your tunnels, follow your waypoint over to the manor in an isolated section of Updaam that Charlie has renovated and modified into his own game. Finish the Eternalists guiding the area and prepare to play Charlie’s rotten little game. It’s a smart idea to make sure you’re stocked up on health and ammo for this because there’s quite a lot of Eternalists dotting the area, plus you have to deal with Charlie teleporting his way back and forth constantly.

Kick open the door and start to take out anything that moves. There are multiple layers to this game, so empty each floor before you move to the next to avoid the possibility of being snuck up on and killed. Once you get to the top floor, you’ll find that Charlie has run off to his safe house already and is cowering in fear from you. This is where you have two different options, either you can deactivate the trip mines and hack your way into the safehouse, being extremely careful of the two deadly turrets that Charlie has in the event you appear, or you can wait for him to exit his safehouse before killing him and taking his shift slab. This is one of the best slabs in the game and acts essentially as Blink from Dishonoured, so it’s actually useful to get this slab as early in the game as possible. It might be a tough ask, but it’s worth it for the ease it’ll give you in the later game.

Another way to finish Charlie off involves the steps above, all the way until you reach his game. Shift your way to the top of his manor and sneak across the roof to Charlie’s safe house on the left. There’s a series of trip-wire mines here that you can either avoid straight-up or deactivate, but in either circumstance hack your way into Charlie’s safe house. Once you’re in there, hack into both turrets that Charlie has prepared in case you come to kill him. After that’s done, you can alert Charlie to your presence in any way you want, and he’ll run to his safe room that you’ve already visited, finding himself riddled with holes from the turrets that you’ve already hacked.

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Now just take the slab off Charlie’s warm corpse and leave Updaam.

Next up we’re going to look at the final two visionaries and beating them individually. Then get ready for the final loop, in which you’ll kill every single visionary in one single sitting, finally finishing this dirty goddamn loop.

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