You’re almost done. You’ve bested all of the prior bosses, and now it’s time to kill the final baddie. Let’s get this done. The Last Lord boss fight is actually two different fights. This guide covers the first fight that will have you pursuing the Last Lord as he attempts to elude you by traveling to areas you’ve already visited. 

The first encounter with the Last Lord

At the start of the fight, the Last Lord will charge at you, so be sure to dodge. This will be followed up by two more smashing attacks that you’ll need to do. Afterward, he’ll summon several doors to charge at you, and you’ll need to dodge those as well. Hanging out at the bottom of the stage is the best place to stand during this attack.

Following this attack, he’ll open a portal, and you’ll have to follow him. As soon as you reappear, get ready for another door attack. Hang out to the left until the first three doors move past you, then move towards the middle. Next, you’ll come to a section where you’ll need to use your hook shot.  Continue until you get to the section with the collapsing platform, and go either left or right, but avoid the door attack incoming from the middle. As soon a the middle attack is gone, move up the middle and quickly. Be sure to avoid the other two incoming doors. Next, you’ll need to use the hook shot you move to the platforms with the cross on them and quickly. Otherwise, you’ll get hit by the doors.


Cornered, the Last Lord will open another portal, so chase after him.

In this next section, you’ll be fighting and dodging. The fight mechanic is the same as when you encountered the Last Lord; three smash attacks; dodge those. However, he’ll now summon urns that will randomly crash down, so be sure to avoid those. Once you do enough damage, he’ll open yet another portal; follow him.

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This section is another chase segment, have the hook shot ready.  At the start, you’ll have to dodge four doors, which are easy to navigate. Hook shot across to the right platform to avoid the next door attack, then once it has moved past you, hook shot back across to the left. Then back to the right one more time. Move forward, and dodge to the right to miss the incoming door attack. Four move doors will appear, dodge them; Left, right, right, left. Hookshot across to the next portal.


Now, you’re back at a boss fight segment. Again, the boss will perform the same stomp pattern and incorporate a new wave attack that splits into three directions. Dodge it, and do enough damage to force the boss to open another portal.

This is the final door dodging segment and perhaps the toughest one. Hook shot across to the first platform and hang back, letting the first doors sail past you. Move to the next platform made up of collapsing pieces. More doors will approach you, so hang to the right, then middle, back to the left, and finally the right. Hook shot across before you fall to your doom. Continue until you reach another collapsing platform with even more doors. Evade the doors by going to the middle, then right, left, and middle again. Hook shot cross to the portal.

The boss will attack you again; this time, he’ll use the rolling attack from Betty the Yeti, as well as his own attacks. The main thing here is to avoid both the smashing attacks and the rolling attacks. When he rolls at you, dodge to either the left or right. Once enough damage is taken, he’ll open one final portal.

Head through the portal, and you’ll be in the last door avoiding segment. Head up the platform, watching out in all directions as doors will surround you, then hook shot across the gap. Once you start heading up, you’ll need to hook shot quickly, or you’ll get hit by incoming doors with nowhere to dodge. At this point, you’ll encounter one final set of collapsing platforms, and you’ll have to hook shot across the gaps quickly. Then head into the final portal. 

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From there, you’ll reach the final destination and you’ll have to proceed towards the final showdown.

Check out the counter in the video below.



This is just the first encounter with the Last Lord. Once you’re ready to tackle the second fight, check out our second, the Last Lord guide. 

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