Hey, look, it’s another Death’s Door boss guide, and this time we’re here to help you down a yeti. More specifically, Betty The Yeti, who also seems to be blind. Yeah, I know you don’t want to fight a blind yeti, but she has no problems putting you down. 

So, let’s get at it, shall we?

How to defeat Betty The Yeti

Phase 1


When you first encounter Betty, she’ll charge at you, so be sure to dodge out the way. During the first phase, Betty will hop and stomp around the area, and you’ll need to avoid her, getting in some hits while you can. It’s best to try and hit her in the back where possible. Eventually, Betty will roll up into a ball and charge at you three times. You’ll need to dodge either to the left or right to avoid this attack.

After this, Betty will go back to stomping and hopping, followed by the rolling attack until you do enough damage.

Phase 2


Once you’ve done enough damage, Betty will perform several new attacks, in addition to the attacks from the first phase. Betty will start throwing a snowball randomly and pound on the ground, causing snowballs to drop into the fighting area. You’ll see the snowballs indicated by their shadows, so be sure to dodge them. Watch for the rolling attack as well; it’s a bit faster now.

Betty will repeat Phase 2 until you’ve killed her or she’s killed you. Good Luck!

Check out the entire fight below.



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