Being the first boss you encounter in Return, Phrike is an intimidating obstacle, but he’s fairly easy to take down. Before you head into the fight, you’ll want to make sure you have a powered-up weapon. I recommend the carbine as it allows you to keep your distance, but the shotgun also works if you don’t mind getting up close.

Phrike has three phases, with the boss becoming harder with each phase change. As long as you understand his attacks, the fight becomes much easier. Just keep your distance, and you got this.

How To Beat Phrike

Phase One: During the first phase, Phrike will fire shots directly at you, but they are easy to avoid.  Strafe left or right to get out of harm’s way.  When you see Phrike start to charge a red beam attack, again, dodge to the sides – this attack has a delay, so you’ll when it’s coming. You’ll also see purple projectiles that will rain down on you, but you can sidestep those.


Phase Two: In the second phase, Phrike’s attacks will become a lot faster, and it will also add a melee attack. When you see a red circle placed on the ground and will move towards you, be ready to jump over it. Phrike will also charge at you with a melee attack, so be sure to dodge through him. In addition to the powerful beam attack from the first phase, Phrike will also use that attack and blast the perimeter you’re standing in. To dodge this, run towards him as fast as you can since there’s a safe spot under it. Once the attack is finished, run back out.

Phase Three: In the final phase, Phrike gets even faster, will perform multiple melee attacks, and will place multiple red circles on the ground. The phase will start with Phrike charging directly at you. The purple projectiles are back but will also be placed on the ground that you’ll need to maneuver around. Lastly, be sure to avoid the homing blue projectile attacks.

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Phrike is an interesting first encounter, but once you get his pattern down, he becomes a straightforward encounter.


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