Nearly 100 Games on Xbox Are Now Supporting FPS Boost Functionality

Over the last few months, Xbox has been going hard with their new FPS Boost functionality. In case you missed it, this will allow select titles played on the Xbox Series X/S to reach frame rates of either 60 or 120 depending on the title. 

Today, even more titles have joined the ranks of games that will be supporting FPS Boost. Bringing the total right now to 97. The games on offer have a range including Titanfall 2, Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition, Skyrim, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider to name a few. The vast majority of these titles are also available on Game Pass Ultimate as well as EA Play.


Some of the games utilizing the FPS Boost feature do not have it turned on by default, but they have made it very easy and streamlined to get it going. Opening up the compatibility options via the Xbox’s game-specific menus will now take you to a checkbox where you can toggle FPS Boost on the supported titles. They have also included a very brief and helpful video to walk you through it too.

Xbox’s push for backwards compatibility is pretty unparalleled right now. With Game Pass and now FPS Boost, they’re easily leading the charge when it comes to optimizing both current-gen and previous-gen titles. Let’s how this becomes the new gold standard and the rest of the industry follows suit. 

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