By now, you’ve seen episode 7 of Disney’s WandaVision and are just as excited as we were when watching the episode. Well, now that the show’s come and gone, it’s time for Sara, Karl, and Keith to not only reap the episode but put on their speculation caps and discuss what’s to come. Was that the Darkhold? Can we finally call Monica, Spectrum, or Photon? It was Agatha all along, and wasn’t that theme song freaking amazing? Why haven’t see seen Ralph yet? And we got post-credits now?

While you’re here, be sure to check out our most excellent review of WandaVision episode 7.


Please note, this is completely full of spoilers! If you haven’t seen this episode yet, please go and watch it first. Otherwise, enjoy the crazy rabbit hole you’re about to descend into.

Sara Roncero-Menendez (@SaraRoMenen)
Karl Smart (@Themasething)
Keith Mitchell (@Shadowhaxor)

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