BatteryStaple Games had a couple of big announcements for its upcoming roguelike 30XX, the sequel, and follow-up to the highly acclaimed 20XX.

The first big announcement deals with the addition of a level editor. The level editor was created and implemented by WreckingPrograms, the creator of the Mega Man Engine as well as the fan game, Mega Man Maker. Wrecking was apart of Mega Man Maker until its recent 1.7 update which released back on Saturday, January 9. Once the update dropped, Wrecking left the team in order to focus more on his role with BatteryStaple Games and the 30XX project.

Wrecking stated on Twitter: “For those who wanted a Mega Man X Maker, this is as close as it gets!”


In addition to a level editor, Early Access was announced that was coming to Steam on February 17! The early access version of the game will include the following:

  • Roguelite action platforming, lush pixels, crispy controls
  • Includes non-permadeath modes and wild challenges
  • Robust level editor – build custom campaigns for friends
  • Full co-op, online & local

In addition to the Early Access announcement, a new promotional trailer was released for the game which you can check out below!

Be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam at the following link:


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