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PlayStation Is Fine With You Customizing the side panels of the PS5 – Doesn’t void warranty

Once the cat was out of the bag that you could pop off the side panels of the PlayStation 5, gamers everywhere had already started plotting how to customize them. We even had a company advertise that they would start selling customized side panels before Sony intervened. And the popular skin company DBrand had announced they had scrapped their plans to sell PS5 skins due to the amount of trouble they had with it.

Still, gamers are a determined bunch and are still looking to work magic with their PS5’s. In fact, I’ve already seen a few customized systems, and I thought about doing this myself. Except there was one question in the back of my head; the warranty. Surely, if I were going to start playing with how my PS5 looked, perhaps Sony would have an issue with this.

It turns out they actually don’t! One Youtuber in particular, TheNextUpgrade, out this to the test and had already used Plasti Dip to change the color of this PlayStation 5. As a colored rubberized coating, Plastic Dip can be applied to just about any surface, including the side panels of the PS5. It’s not damaging and can easily be peeled off, and is resistant to heat, up to 200°F, and is durable against impact. It’s been used on cars, including the hoods or bonnets, wheels, rims, and exhaust systems. If it works for cars, it will work for the PS5 was the thought, and it did. If you’re curious, you can purchase Plastic Dip at Home Depot, Lowes, most car shops, and Amazon.

Some viewers claimed that the Plastic Dip would cause overheating issues and cause damage to the system. TheNextUpgrade debunked it and recorded how easy it was to remove the coating. He also reached out to Sony to see if using Plastic Dip on the PS5 would void the warranty, and they replied to him stating it was fine.

“Please note that removing and painting the panels doesn’t invalidate the console’s warranty, as long as the serial number and seal are still visible/intact.” “Note that if in the future will a repair required in order to have the console sent to us, is not guarantee that you will receive this painted panels back.”

Plastic Dip does not void the PS5 warranty

The seal they are referring to is when you attempt to take the actual console apart, and the side panels can be removed without breaking the seal. Besides, the side panels need to come off to gain access to the spare SSD NVMe expansion slot. As for the serial number, this is located at the bottom of the console, and if you’re using Plastic Dip or anything process to colorized the console, you’d be fine as you’d only be working with the side panels. It looks like I have a project to start this weekend.

So be sure to thank TheNextUpgrade by stopping over to his channel, giving his videos a watch, and subbing. 

Source: TheNextUpgrade