Nintendo Switch Nintendo Direct Mini

Surprise Nintendo Direct Mini to take place today

For weeks, there has been speculation of a Nintendo Direct that would take place this month. Now, as of last night, that speculation was correct as Nintendo emailed everyone in the dead of the night to announce a Nintendo Direct Mini. 

This Nintendo Direct Mini is pre-recorded and given the name, we shouldn’t expect it to last very long. It will be released at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET, on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.

Not exactly what we were looking for, but anything is better than nothing. According to the info that Nintendo released, this direct will focus on “focused on titles from our development and publishing partners”, “This first installment will share a few updates on previously announced games for Nintendo Switch”.

I’m not entirely sure as to what that means, as Nintendo’s directs haven’t always focused on their first-party offering. It’s also interesting that they’re saying this is the first of many. Is this how they plan on conducting Nintendo Directs during the COVID-19 pandemic? The company did make it known that putting together larger shows has been quite the issue due to everyone working from home. A smaller show would fit the bill, though I’m sure fans of the company may say otherwise.

As to what we can expect, I’m going to assume we’ll see more 3rd party offerings, but you can never tell with Nintendo.

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