Min-Min Joins SSBU

Sakurai Reveals The True Origins Of Min Min In Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

When it comes to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, fans are almost always waiting for the next character reveal to come out, and that means that they want to dissect every little thing about it and use it to predict the next characters. When Min Min from ARMS was revealed to be the next character, Producer Masahiro Sakurai noted that this was because of creator Mr. Yabuki’s suggestion that he personally wanted her in the game. And that’s cool…but that wasn’t the whole story…

In a column on Famitsu, as translated by Nintendo Everything, Sakurai revealed a little bit more of the process that led to the arrival of Min Min, and it’s not what you might expect. As the true origins started well before EITHER game was released:

“The first time I saw ARMS was when Nintendo showed me their games in development so I could incorporate elements of them into the new entry for Smash Bros. This was before both games released, of course.

At that particular time, it was very difficult to integrate a single new fighter into the mix. We had so many different things going on during the production that I initially determined it wasn’t possible. That’s why we were limited to including Spring Man as an Assist Trophy and making some Spirits out of others.

After that, they decided there would be 11 DLC fighters, and one of them would be from ARMS…”

Sakurai then went on to note the tricky process of putting Min Min in Super Smash Bros Ultimate as a character (which he detailed in full in the reveal video) and noted that he doesn’t want to make a “carbon copy” of the character from the games as that’s less fun.

As for what comes next…

Only 5 DLC fighters left now! Once I’m done with these, it’ll mark the end of our continuous development since Smash for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS. I’m going to keep up the pace and work from home on the rest of the fighters!

So the work continues, and that’ll make Smash Bros fans happy as they want the next reveal announced ASAP!