Project xCloud is headed to Xbox Games Pass Ultimate this September

Well, it’s finally happening! Microsoft has announced that as of this September 2020, Project xCloud, Xbox’s cloud streaming service, will be bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Meaning that the already amazing service that offers hundreds of games for just a few dollars a month is about to get even better.

This announcement must mean that Xbox is getting ready to take the service out of preview and officially release it to the market. With the addition of Project xCloud, this means that gamers will not only enjoy their favorite games on their Xbox One, PC and soon to be Xbox Series X, but also on their mobile devices. This includes Apple iOS, Android devices, as well as Windows 10 laptops and tablets. 

What this also means is that Project xCloud will also benefit from day one releases that hit Xbox Game Pass. This is going to be amazing for those who are away from their consoles, not that many of us are traveling much these days. Halo Infinite on the go on the day of release, anybody?


Having played with Project Cloud in the past, I can tell you that outside of a few issues with latency, the service worked better than several of its rivals, including Google’s Stadia service. Adding to that, this might pose quite the problem to Stadia. We didn’t see any announcements regarding a price change, which hopefully means that the addition of Project xCloud won’t change the current pricing of $14.99.

This just goes to show that Xbox Game Pass is easily one of the best services out there and worth the monthly subscription.

Expect to hear more about this exciting development on July 23rd, 2020, when Xbox hosts its Xbox Series X Livestream.

Are you excited about this recent news? I know I am! 

Source: Xbox News Wire