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PlayStation 5 store page now up on Amazon, still no price listed

While PlayStation has yet to give us a price on its upcoming PlayStation 5 next-generation console, it did manage to get the store page up on Amazon. Now when you head over to the page, you’ll be greeted with some information about the system images of the DualSense controller, and other accessories and a listing for several games.

This is what the page looks like.

PlayStation 5 preorder page amazon

Since there’s no price, there’s not really anything new here and everything shown is stuff you’ve already seen. Still, it does feel like we’re getting one step closer to the imminent price drop. I just have this feeling that PlayStation is going to wait until the upcoming Xbox live event and then drop the price then. 

Sadly, both PlayStation and Xbox are doing this silly game of chicken, with us, the consumers being stuck in the middle of it all. Seriously, they both need to just announce the pricing so we can start getting our wallets/purses or what you save your money in, ready. As for the pricing, I’m sticking to my guns and calling it $499 for the disc-based PlayStation 5, $400 for the all-digital PlayStation 5, and $499.99 for the Xbox Series X. I suppose we’ll find out how correct I am in the next few months.

The PlayStation 5 is slated to release this shopping Holiday 2020, right alongside (or before) the Xbox Series X.