Nerf’s Halo MA40 Assault Rifle is motorized and available for pre-order

It’s no surprise that Nerf, the make of those lovely toys that I torture my children with, and Halo, the First Person Shooter from 343 Industries are working together on a new line-up of toys just in time for the release of Halo Infinite. This time is a little different as Nerf is doing a pre-order for the MA40 Assault Rifle that will be featured in the upcoming Halo Infinite title.

Update: The MA40 is now available on Amazon for pre-order as well. This is great as you can pre-order it and you won’t be charged until the item is about to be shipped.

Instead of selling it directly in stores, for now, they’re using the Hasbro Pulse website which is normally used to gauge potential interest in a product. This is the same site that Hasbro used to crowdfund the massive planet-eating Transformer, Unicron. Pre-orders are live now, with the MA40 priced at $49.99 and shipping out on or after October 1st, 2020.


Update 2: Be sure to check out our review of the Nerf Halo MA40 Assault Rifle.

The MA40 features the classic green and orange colors that are reserved for the UNSC, along with a white finish. I would have preferred a gunmetal color scheme, but you can never be too careful with someone confusing this for a real weapon. While the Included with the MA40 is an ammo clip that holds 10x darts, a rail riser that will allow you to add other Nerf accessories to the gun rail (such as a scope), and a game code for Halo Infinite.

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What’s interesting with the Halo Infinite MA40 is that this is a motorized dart gun, powered by 4x C batteries. Thanks to this, the darts fired from the gun should travel a greater distance. There is a fire selector on the right-hand side but isn’t functional as it is mimicking the MA40 from the game.

I’ve already ordered one for myself and can’t wait until it gets, so I can put it through a review and add it to my ever so small Nerf gun collection. 

As for other Halo Infinite Nerf toys, I’m sure that we’ll see more as we get closer to the Halo Infinite Holiday 2020 release date. But just to possibly increase those odds, why not pick up your own Halo Infinite MA40 Assault Rifle. At the very least, you’ll have a new cool toy that you can make gun sounds while you wait for the game to be released.


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