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Sony postpones PlayStation 5 event, fully supports Black Lives Matter movement

Sony Interactive Entertainment was slated to host a PlayStation 5 Livestream event this week. However, due to the recent series of events that are taking place in the United States, they have decided to postpone the event and allow more important voices to be heard. 

Like it or not, this was the right path to follow and was already assumed this would ultimately be the result of the ongoing senseless violence. This follows PlayStation’s stance for the Black Lives Movement, earlier today. To which I’m glad to see that larger companies are taking notice of this movement and are throwing support behind it. 

Sadly, if you’ve either watching or listening to the national news, or perhaps even your local events, there have been grave atrocities committed against Blacks by police, yet again. And yet again, the police departments and the administration above them have ignored the actions and now the people have had enough. It’s not a good time for anyone in the United States and frankly, I’m disappointed, I’m saddened and I’m frustrated.

While I feel it the right then to do, is it selfish to say that perhaps we could use some positive news or interaction this week? I’m all for delaying a silly gaming event so that everyone can focus on what’s more important. Perhaps it’s just me being frustrated about what’s going on, in not just the country I live in, but to my race, to my peers and to everyone else who’s been affected by senseless violence.

To those affected by this madness, please try to remain safe. Not only do we have COVID-19 to be concerned about, now we have to worry about being a victim of senseless police brutality. I have no words for what’s happening anymore. I just don’t know what to say anymore.