June PS Plus Games Include ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’

Starting today, PlayStation Plus members can download the two free games for the month of June. It seems that like last month, PS Plus is sticking to a theme. This time, it’s multiplayer war games, with Star Wars: Battlefront II and Call of Duty: WWII on offer.

Initially when Star Wars: Battlefront II released, it was met with controversy due to issues with bugs and loot boxes. But over time, EA developed the game into something much more enjoyable. With continual updates based on the new Star Wars movies released, now is the best time to jump in, with the new trilogy having reached its conclusion. Aside from new content based on the Star Wars property, the game has also seen the addition of a few more multiplayer modes. 

The other game players get for free this month is not to be overlooked either. While many Call of Duty games have come and gone, Call of Duty: WWII returned the series to its World War II roots. The game features the online multiplayer that’s become the hallmark of the series, but it also features a robust single-player campaign and a WWII Zombies mode

PS Plus members have from now until July 6th to pick up these two first-person shooter games, according to the PlayStation Blog. Once you get them, you can decided if you’d prefer to fight on the ground or up in space. Then again, with two great multiplayer games for free, why not do both?