Is EA teasing a Need for Speed Underground announcement?

Are we heading back to the streets?

We’re less than 9 hours away from EA Play’s Livestream event, however, it looks like EA is already off to an early start. Recently, the Need for Speed Twitter account posted a short video with a familiar song in the background, one that fans of the series will recognize – Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz’s “Get Low”.

This connects the series as this was the same song used during the title screen of Need for Speed Underground. A series that many have been begging and pledging for EA to bring back.

Does this mean that we’ll finally get a new title in the Underground series? This is a good indication that we very well might. But in what form? Will it be a remaster, as EA was keen to mention they’re all about remasters now. Or will this be Need for Speed Unground 3? Be sure to watch the EA Play Livestream today to find out more.

Released way back during 2003, NFS Underground brought a fresh take to the tired Need for Speed series and added the street racing flair with it. Players were able to not only race the streets, but they could do so in souped-up cars, complete with crazy paint jobs, body kits, wheels, and more. It may or may not be the reason why I tricked out my then Nissan Sentra… ahem. Races took place throughout a city that was a mash-up of New York and Los Angeles. Since then, EA has released a number of games that were similar to Underground, but none have managed to capture the feeling from this gem. A return to the series would be fantastic, if it happens that is. 

EA Play 2020 will take place on June 18th, 2020, at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET, and we’ll be talking over the event at 3:55 PM PT / 6:55 PM ET, over at our YouTube Channel.